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bob, britney spears, candles, cats, cds, cello, composing music, dance, dvds, emile hirsch, flute, guitar, hanson, harry potter, hatter, internet, ipod, itunes, kylie minogue, lady gaga, madonna, movies, music, percy jackson, photography, piano, sheet music, singing, spice girls, vinyl, violin
  • I love Hanson
  • Music is my life
  • I have a weakness for clean, smooth vibrato... whether it be a male or female singing
  • I'm not sure where I stand with religion, but Hinduism really intrigues me!
  • I'm afraid to change my layout here on LJ because I don't know how to fix it :(
  • I live in Michigan. And I love it here
  • Even though my other favorite place to be is Connecticut, DC, and NYC! I'm an East Coast kinda gal.
  • I love hanging out with friends
  • I strongly dislike my sister's dog, Lola. She is the most annoying creature ever!
  • I LOVE my sister's dog Lola, and I think she's a little high strung, but I love her and miss her anyway!
  • I LOOOVE MY CAT! She is the best thing ever and I don't know what I'd do with out her! She's also the prettiest cat I've ever seen!
  • I compose music... the stuff is usually more meloncholy because that's what kind of mood I'm in when I compose.
  • I love to fly!
  • I never leave the house without my phone. As a matter of fact... I always have my phone on me!

    That's about all I can think of right now

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